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BU Microarray Resource

Boston University


72 E. Concord, E605

Boston, MA 024118

United States of America

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Last Updated: 02/21/2011

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Currently, we provide analysis of gene expression using the Affymetrix GeneChip platform. Services using the Illumina platform will be available soon. For more information go to the services section of our website. For both platforms users of the facility provide us with high quality samples and the Microarray Resource does the rest. We also offer analysis of RNA, DNA and Proteins using Agilent Bioanalyzer.

We offer the same services to researchers outside of Boston University on an available-resource basis.

All interested researchers are encouraged to contact the Microarray Resource to discuss potential projects or to ask any question about the use of microarrays. Dr. Alekseyev can provide advice on experimental design, RNA isolation methods, and just about any aspect of array hybridization. Dr. Lenburg can provide advice on experimental design and data analysis.

Please note that we were able to reduce our pricing starting 12/16/2010.

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Services are offerred outside of Boston University