CoreMarketplace Extras

Included are extra tools and utilities you can use with your CoreMarketplace profiles.

Cite PubMed Wordpress Plugin

This plug-in for WordPress makes it easier to gather and share PubMed and PMC publications citing your RRID or other PID. This plug-in allows you to search PubMed and for a maximum of five PIDs. You will also need to get an NCBI API Key to use this plug-in. Visit this page to learn more.

This plug-in is provided for free but is unsupported. If something is broken we're happy to look into it but we cannot provide any customization or other support beyond that.

Download Plug-in Here.

CoreMarketplace Widget

The CoreMarketplace Widget provides a stub of code that you can embed into your website that will provide a live listing of all the core profiles for your institution.

More info here.