Search Help

The search will check the entire database for all words or phrases submitted.

To search for an exact phrase, put the phrase inside quotes. For example, "cancer center"

Search Results

Search results are ordered by listing the greatest number of matches within a listing first. For example, if you search for "metagenomics" and a facility matches this term 6x within its listing, that listing will be prioritized above a listing that only matches that term 1x.

In the case of listings displaying equal numbers of search matches, listings are prioritized by when the listing was last updated.

Listing Matches

Searching also includes any linked publications. If you search for an exact phrase in a publication and a facility has linked to a publication containing that phrase, that facility will appear in the search results.

Each result listing displays a "Matches" column where you can see exactly where in the listing the search term appears. If a search term or phrase appears in a publication linked to this facility, it will display under publications. Click the "eye" icon to expand listing occurances. The below image shows an example of the Matches column when searching for "10x Genomics."