Search Help

The search will check the entire database for ALL words or phrases submitted, including the "ands", "ors", and "buts".

To search for an exact phrase, put the phrase inside quotes. For example, "cancer center"

If you choose a facility or equipment category from the drop down list as a search term, the results will match only those categories. It's possible that a older listing might not have that category set and will therefore be omitted. Choose from the "Frequent Searches" or manually type in your search terms for best results.

Search results will indicate how many times a listing matched your query, as well as which parts of the listing matched your query. Click on the "eye" icon in search results for further information.

Additionally, the search engine will look for your search terms across the any linked equipment and publications to core listings. For example, if you search for a phrase that appears in a publication linked to a core facility, even if that phrase does not appear anywhere on the listing, the listing will still appear in results because it is linked to a matching publication.

(Keep in mind, broad common phrases will likely be ignored in publication searches, so be as specific as possible if you are looking for matches in linked publications.)