CoreMarketplace Manual

Signing In With ORCID

How to sign into the CoreMarketplace with your ORCID

Managing the Contact People Setting

How to add contacts to your profile and differences between this and the older method

RRID Usage

How to get more mentions from your facility RRID

CoreMarketplace Facility API documentation

Data included in facility xml or json output

What Are Citation Identifiers

Explaining and using the citation identifier in the CoreMarketplace

Search Help

Help and tips for searching the CoreMarketplace

CoreMarketplace Listings

How to get the most out of your CoreMarketplace listing

Editing Screen Changes

Changes to the CoreMarketplace editing screen

What is an Research Resource Identifier (RRID)?

Description of an Research Resource Identifier (RRID) and its use with a facility listing

How to Export Your Facility Data

Steps to live export your facility data in either json or xml format

How To Link Your Facility RRID to your ORCID

Directions for connecting your facility RRID to your ORCID for cross references

Adding a Facility and an Introduction to Facility Editing

How to add and edit a facility in the CoreMarketplace

Using the Institute Widget

Create a embedded widget in your webpage that will list all the facilities at your institution

Adding and Removing Publications

Steps for adding and removing a publication listed in PubMed to/in your facility entry

Adding and Removing Equipment

How to manage equipment in your facility entry