CoreMarketplace Privacy Policies

The page outlines the privacy policies around the CoreMarketplace (CM) website.


The CM site uses cookies to manage session data only for those who sign into the website. CM cookies store data only related to the session of a signed in user and do not store any user's personal information.

Data Acquisition

All user and facility profile data stored on the CM site is contributed by individual users or has been obtained from other publicly available sources (i.e. public institution websites). Data is also obtained from data sharing sites via API exchanges (i.e. PubMed) where the data in question applies to a particular facility profile (i.e. a publication that cites a facility's persistant identifier).

User Privacy

The CM provides controls that govern whether personal data is shared via the site or via API exchanges with other sites. Users can select whether they want personal data to be visible (i.e. an email address). Users also have controls to opt out of communications originating from the site. Users may also export all the facility profile data collected by the site at any time. Users may also remove themselves from a facility profile and/or remove a facility profile from the site at any time.

Data Sharing

The CM does make public data available to other third party sites via export and API methods. This is done for easier sharing and interoperability between third party sites and the CM. Any data shared via these methods is data that is already publicly available via the CM site and has been designated by the user to be publicly visible.

The CM does not sell user information to third parties.