What is the CoreMarketplace?

The CoreMarketplace is an international directory of research cores. Its dual purpose is to increase the visibility/citability of research facilities as well as improve the reproducibility of research.

Including your facility in the CoreMarketplace will get a Research Resource Identifier (RRID) automatically assigned to you. The RRID greatly improves your facility’s citability and visibility (more on that below.)

The CoreMarketplace consists of three major functions.


CoreMarketplace facility profiles are fully searchable. Keywords or key phrases in the search box will attempt to match any details found in the profile or in some cases, details linked to the profile, such as relevant publications. The search function treats anything surrounded in double quotes as a key phrase and will attempt to match the entire phrase.


A profile is where you can list all the attributes and specializations of your facility. You can list basic contact information, pertinent web links, details, and policies. We also include an equipment database listing over 1600 different instruments that you can easily add to your profile. Add services your facility offers. The CoreMarketplace will search PubMed Central and other web repositories for publications citing your facility and automatically add them to your profile.


In addition to searching for facilities that match your queries, you can also post facility requests or services. The CoreMarketplace will attempt to match your requests to likely facilities and email your request to them. Postings stay active for two months and can be read directly from the site.


Research Resource Identifiers (more at Resource Identification Portal) are a universal, unique text identifier assigned to a component of research. Plasmids, organisms, antibodies, biosamples, tools and resources are all each assigned a unique RRID. At publication, authors choose the RRIDs of exactly which components went into their research making it easier to identify the parts and accurately reproduce the research.

Research Facilities are categorized under “Tools and Resources” and as a research component get their own RRID assigned. Once a paper is published, it becomes searchable data. The RRID can be easily found using any number of query tools. It is by this method that the CoreMarketplace can automatically query PMC for facility RRIDs and add them to profiles. Searching for citations becomes a lot easier.


In addition to RRIDs, the CoreMarketplace also allows you to assign any permanent identifier to your facility citation string. Grant numbers are commonly used. You may also need to list a different permanent identifier if you wish.

Each profile contains a “Cite This Facility” button which includes every permanent identifier assigned to your facility.

University of Virginia - UVA Genome Analysis and Technology Core, RRID:SCR_018883, 5P30CA044579

Data Sharing

An RRID automatically links your facility to publications and repositories across the web. Additionally, your facility profile data can be exported to your institution website so that you can leverage all of the details of your profile (including your publication list) without having to type it twice. More info on this feature can be found here

The CoreMarketplace is free to use and free to list. We don't give away contact information to 3rd parties. We try to be good internet citizens.

We hope you'll consider adding your facility.