CoreMarketplace Listings

The CoreMarketplace is committed to raising the awareness of core facilities within the research community and improving research reproducibility. To that end, our use of the RRID pushes both endeavors forward.

The Research Resource Identifier (RRID)

RRIDs can identify every key component in research, allowing research projects to be more easily reproducible. RRIDs are used in science publications to identify every component that contributed towards the research. Components can be individual enzymes, to protocols used, all the way to which facilities were used.

If your facility has an RRID, it can be easily identified and cited.

Precisely itemizing everything that is used in research makes it easier to reproduce that research. More information on RRIDs can be found at

Every facility that lists in the CoreMarketplace will have an RRID assigned to it. Older listings that may be missing an RRID can get one assigned simply by updating their listing information.

Your RRID Links Back to your CoreMarketplace Listing

Once you have an RRID, your facility's visibility goes up exponentially. Publications can cite you by RRID. When they do, the CoreMarketplace can identify the publication using your RRID and include that in your listing information. We also make it easy to find and attach publications to your listing.

The CoreMarketplace ensures that if you Google your RRID, your CoreMarketplace listing will be among the top results. When your listing is found, it can display all the expertise, specialties, equipment, and services you offer.

We understand that maintaining several internet accounts is tedious. That's why all of the information you enter into your CoreMarketplace listing is immediately sharable through API exports. As your facilities information is updated in the CoreMarketplace it is immediately accessible by other websites or databases configured to utilize your listing feed.

The CoreMarketplace is free to use and free to list. We don't give away contact information to 3rd parties. We try to be good internet citizens.

We hope you'll consider adding your facility.