Adding Publications

You can add any publication listed in PubMed to your facility entry.

  1. Click Publications in the left sidebar of the edit page.

    publication listing in sidebar
  2. Enter an author name as it appears in PubMed. This is usually the full last name followed by a space, then the middle and first initial. Ex: Hawking SW

  3. Click the "Show PubMed Publications" button.

    publication author search

Below the Author Name field, you will see all the publications found in PubMed found under that author name. Each entry is linked back to the PubMed article. Clicking the link will open the article in a new tab. 4. Find the artcles you want to add and select the corresponding check box.

publication search results

If a publication is already added to the facility, the check box will be selected. Unchecking that box will remove the publication from the facility entry.

Removing Publications

All added publications are listed at the bottom of the Publications section.

  1. To remove a publication, click the Remove link at the end of the listed Publication.

    publication delete
  2. You can also remove publications by de-selecting any publication found in the author search (see above)