What is an Research Resource Identifier (RRID)

An RRID is a specific, universal, citable identifier used in scientific research and publications. RRIDs enable facility features to be identified and tagged. These RRID tags make it easier to cite a facility or the equipment in that facility in scientific research. By listing a facility in the CoreMarketplace, that core will obtain an RRID tag that can used and shared in any publications involving that facility. This helps to enable better reproducibility of research and identify the core's role in creating and participating in it.

Facilities that match the following criteria are automatically submitted for RRIDs.

  1. An institution is listed.
  2. The facility has a unique name
  3. The facility lists an accurate web site that identifies the facility.

Once an RRID is generated it is automatically entered into the facility listing. The CoreMarketplace will email the facility letting them know the facility's RRID information.

Facility Records list the RRID on the main page of the listing. This listing is cross-linked to the RRID database. The "Cite This" button is an easy way to copy the RRID tag for reference.

RRIDs and Citation in Publications

Many publications are requiring authors cite all their research components with RRIDs when they publish. An RRID can cite many things including:

  1. Antibodies
  2. Instrumentation
  3. Mouse Models
  4. Software
  5. AND Core Facilities

Instead of leaving it to the wording of the author as to how your core might be cited or which person or which part of it could be cited, citing the RRID ensures a simple way to cite the entire core, as represented by your CoreMarketplace listing.

Why is an Research Resource Identifier (RRID) Important?

As the RRID is a unique identifier for your facility listing, it becomes the universal key to linking the information in your listing to other sites. Your RRID can link your facility to publications. This is a major benefit, ensuring your facility gets properly cited. An RRID can also:

  1. Link your listing to other research sites such as ORCID, SciCrunch, Protocols.io, and more.

  2. Link your listing to web sites highlighting your facility such as institution pages.


    • You want to document the publications associated with your facility on your department website.
    • You already have those publications documented on your CoreMarketplace listing.
    • Using your RRID, you can live import data directly from your listing into another site. (See: How to Export Data
      From Your CoreMarketplace Listing

Again, the RRID is the key to publishing your facility data and ensuring that your data can be incorporated into other platforms and sites as benefits your work and facility.