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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Hutch Data Core Facility

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

1100 Fairview Ave N.


Seattle, WA 98109

United States

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Shared Resources Administration

Last Updated: 09/07/2022

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The Hutch Data Core helps investigators integrate, interpret and explore large and diverse datasets. We provide services that support efficient and reproducible analysis of large-scale datasets for biomedical researchers, drawing on deep expertise in computational biology, software engineering and cloud architecture.
We aim to make it possible for all interested investigators to apply advanced analytical techniques to complex datasets. Our diverse team offers project-based scientific analysis by expert bioinformaticians, automation of analytical pipelines using modern workflow management platforms, and publication of complex datasets with web-accelerated graphics.
In addition to direct bioinformatics support on a per-project basis, the Hutch Data Core offers training and documentation to enable scientist-driven computation. We also support automation of complex workflows for high-performance computing and provide access to web platforms specifically designed to meet researchers’ unique needs.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Consulting is offerred outside of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center