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Molecular Resource Facility (Genomics / Genome Analysis and Technologies)

Rutgers University at Newark

Medical Sciences Building, Room F635

185 South Orange Ave.

Newark, NJ 07103

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Patricia Soteropoulos, Ph.D.

Last Updated: 11/11/2020

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Facility Details

The Molecular Resource Facility at New Jersey Medical School was established to provide state of the art services for molecular biology to the medical school and other research laboratories in Newark and beyond. Our main focus is DNA sequencing and includes capillary and high throughput services. We also provide single cell sequencing services using 10X genomics and Drop-Seq platforms. We also provide many other services including Luminex, oligonucleotide synthesis (IDT), HPLC analysis and purification, real time PCR and others.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of Rutgers University at Newark

Consulting is offerred outside of Rutgers University at Newark