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University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Radioimmunoassay and Biomarkers Core Facility

University of Pennsylvania

3400 Civic Center Blvd, bldg 421

12-183 Smilow

Philadelphia, PA 19104

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Heather W Collins

Last Updated: 12/07/2022

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Core offers immunoassay, metabolite, and HPLC services to basic, translational, and clinical investigators performing diabetes and related metabolic disease research.RIA /Biomarkers Core is located on the 12th floor of Smilow Center for Translational Research. Approximately 100 different diabetes, obesity and metabolism-related biomarkers from multiple species including human can be assayed using radioimmunoassay (RIA), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA, both absorbance and fluorometric), multiplex ELISA on the Luminex platform, and enzymatic and HPLC methods for an expanding variety of diabetes and metabolism related metabolites, hormones, catecholamines and cytokines derived from blood, urine, and tissue samples. 

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of University of Pennsylvania