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Montclair University Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Laboratory Core Facility (Microscopy (Electron, Fluorescence, Optical))

Montclair State University

LocationCenter for Environmental & Life Sciences

100B, 1 Normal Ave.

Montclair, NJ 07043

United States

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Primary Contact:

Laying Wu

Last Updated: 05/22/2024

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Interdisciplinary research, teaching and service facility equipped with scanning and transmission electron microscopes, an atomic force microscope, and the ancillary instruments. Provides microscopic imaging, X-ray analysis, and specimen preparation services for biological, pharmaceutical, and materials scientific research. The MMRL consist of four individual microscope rooms, the Histology laboratory, and sample preparation and chemical storage areas.Graduate- and upper-undergraduate-level training is offered in the operation of electron microscopes, sample preparation, and thick/thin sectioning. Currently, MMRL houses transmission electron, scanning electron microscopes, and atomic force microscope. The microscopes available for use include: - Hitachi H-7500 transmission electron microscope - Hitachi S-3400N variable pressure scanning electron microscope with x-ray analysis and digital imaging - Hitachi S-2460N scanning electron microscope with x-ray analysis In addition, the following items are also available for MMRL users: - Three Leica 2030 rotary paraffin microtome - Two LKB ultramicrotomes - A LKB 7800 glass knife maker - Leica Reichert Ultratrim - Denton critical point dryer - Denton sputter coaters (Desk II and Desk IV) - Denton Vacuum evaporators (DV-502A) - Liquid nitrogen dewars (various sizes) - A Leica stereo dissecting microscope - A Tissue-TeK VIP Tissue Processor - A Tissue-TeK II Embedding Center