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Microscopy Laboratory

New York University School of Medicine

540 First Avenue

Skirball 2nd Floor EM Suite

New York, NY 10016

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Alice Liang

Last Updated: 06/01/2021

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Facility Details

NYULH's is a comprehensive light and electron microscopy imaging facility dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art methods in contemporary imaging and digital analysis to biomedical scientists with all levels of expertise. The NYULH Microscopy Laboratory provides access to highly specialized equipment and unique expertise, including:

1. Light microscopy technologies include high-throughput, transmitted-light, wide-field fluorescence, laser scanning confocal with spectral detection, TIRF, ratio FRET, FLIM, FCS, FRAP, multi-photon, lightsheet fluorescence microscopy and single molecule localization.
2. Electron microscopy services include negative staining, rotary shadowing, morphological analysis with chemical or high-pressure freezing fixation method, on-section immunolabeling with acrylate-based resins or Tokuyasu cryo thin section method, whole-mount and preembedment immunolabeling, correlative light and electron microscopy, and volume electron microscopy with serial sections, electron tomography, FIB-SEM and SBF-SEM.
3. Image analysis using various software, such as Imaris, Amira, ORS Dragonfly, Volocity and ImageJ.
4. Consultations and 1-on-1 assistance with issues of experimental design and instrument usage
6. Storage, processing, annotation, and analysis of imaging data
7. Educational activities to assist the user community with various aspects of microscopy, image analysis and other fields of modern biology

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of New York University School of Medicine

Consulting is offerred outside of New York University School of Medicine