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Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

1 Medical Center Drive

610W Borwell, HB 7556

Lebanon, NH 03756

United States of America

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Matthew Ranson

Last Updated: 04/03/2017

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DartMouseâ„¢ is a not-for-profit core facility funded by the NIH. The mission of DartMouse is to facilitate the development of congenic mice in support of pre-clinical projects across the U.S. Use of DartMouse allows the generation of congenic mice in 5 generations (~1.5 year), vs. 10 generations (~3 years) required by conventional back-crossing. Investigators fill out our accession form and supply mouse tail clippings - from these DartMouse isolates genomic DNA and performs and analyzes complete genome-wide scans. We return data in graphical and spreadsheet formats, and make specific recommendations on breeder selection. In addition to helping investigators create congenic mice, we also provide a background check service to test the genetic purity of your mice. If there is contaminating genome present, we can then help you back-cross onto your inbred strain of interest. Chips use a 1449 SNP array covering the mouse genome with an average density of < 2 cM. Turnaround time from receipt of samples to results is less than 14 business days. Prices are competitive.

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