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Clinical & Translational Research Support Core

University of Massachusetts Medical School

200 Trapleo Road

Waltham, MA 02452

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Carol Curtin

Last Updated: More than One Year ago

Facility Details

The Clinical and Translational Research Support (CTRS) Core provides assistance to funded research projects involving human participants to ensure that they have sufficient numbers of well-characterized individuals to fulfill the projects\' primary aims. The CTRS Core also provides access and information resources that will support investigators of all types who have clinical and/or translational research interests.
Our Core currently provides the following services:
1.Recruitment of participants;
2.Assessment/characterization of participants;
3.Tracking of recruited participants across multiple projects and maintenance of a database of specialized populations;
4.Coordination of interactions with the UMMS IRB, which includes assisting investigators to submit clear and complete applications and follow-up IRB communications.