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Small Animal Imaging Core

University of Massachusetts Medical School

55 Lake Ave North


Worcester, MA 01655

United States of America

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Mary Rusckowski

Last Updated: 03/02/2012

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With the installation of both cameras, the Bioscan NanoSPECT/CT and the Philip Mosaic PET small animal cameras, UMMS and extramural investigators now have the opportunity of using radioactive agents labeled with SPECT radionuclides such as 99mTc, 111In ,123I 125I and PET radionuclides such as 18F, 64Cu, 68Ga, to follow the pharmacokinetics and biodistributions in mice, rats, rabbits, cats and marmoset monkeys and other small animals of proteins, peptides, oligomers, nanoparticles, and other biomarkers of interest. The CT component of the NanoSPECT camera will provide registration for both cameras and, in addition, can be used without radioactivity for high resolution anatomical imaging.

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