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University of Massachusetts Medical School

55 Lake Ave North

LRB 303

Worcester, MA 01655

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Hardy Kornfeld

Last Updated: More than One Year ago

Facility Details

The BSL-3 Core Lab is a campus-wide facility for in vitro experimentation with hazardous pathogens. It is a self-contained laboratory with space and equipment to handle hazardous pathogens with BSL-3 containment as described in the CDC/NIH publication “Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories”. The lab has been specifically approved by the USDA and CDC for research airborne viruses such as the Hong Kong chicken flu, and for select agent research. The laboratory currently has five class II biosafety cabinets, one class III pass-through glove box, biological and microbiological incubators, freezers, centrifuges, a fluorescence plate reader, a spectrophotometer and microscopes. A renovation project planned to commence in 2009 will approximately double the area of the laboratory, providing space for ten class II biosafety cabinets and doubling the capacity of incubators and freezers.

Other Facility Information

The BSL-3 Core Laboratory at UMass Medical School is available for use by researchers who are not affiliated with the school. Contact the laboratory director (Dr. Kornfeld) with inquiries.