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RNA Epitranscriptomics and Proteomics Resource

University at Albany, SUNY

1400 Washington Ave


Albany, NY 12222

United States of America


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Primary Contact:

Qishan Lin


Last Updated: 07/07/2022

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The RNA Epitranscriptomics and Proteomics Resource (REPR), built upon the existing Proteomics core facility as well as the RNA Institute Mass Spectrometry Center, is a joint venture between the VPR office and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. This specialized laboratory maintains a comprehensive state-of-the-art mass spectrometry research facility to support a wide range of internal and external research projects. The REPR is dedicated to providing high quality mass spectrometry services in a time and cost-effective manner. We are a full-service provider of both small and large molecule laboratory, training and consulting services with value-added solutions. In addition to supporting the university research enterprise, the REPR also serves the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, universities, and government labs.

RNA Epitranscriptomics
The RNA epitranscriptomics services include a comprehensive range of custom services such as RNA purification, RNA characterization, and RNA chemical modification analysis using quantitative mass spectrometry.

Proteomics/Mass Spec
The proteomics/mass spectrometry services include comprehensive targeted and un-targeted metabolomics and proteomics, high resolution mass measurement for both large and small molecules, PK/PD study, bio-similar characterization, ADC characterization, and large-scale characterization of proteins and metabolites expressed in health and disease.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of University at Albany, SUNY

Consulting is offerred outside of University at Albany, SUNY