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Biochemistry and Immunology Core

Wadsworth Center -- New York State Department of Health

150 New Scotland Avenue

Center for Medical Sciences

Albany, NY 12208

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Leslie Eisele

Last Updated: 10/01/2015

Facility Details

The Biochemistry and Immunology Core provides access to specialized methods, technical instrumentation and expertise. The core focuses on purification, analysis, characterization and physical measurements, many in solution (native conditions) and complimentary to one another. This ranges from amino acids – structural studies – interactions – assemblies – to live cells. The core staff help investigators design experiments, collect, analyze and interpret data.

We are a combined facility: Biochemistry includes instrumentation for protein purification, analysis and physical measurements. Purification and analysis include various forms of liquid chromatography (UPLC, HPLC). Physical measurements can be achieved by a variety of spectrophotometric techniques (circular dichroism, ultra-violet, visible, and fluorescence spectroscopy), dynamic light scattering, SECMALLS, SPR and analytical ultracentrifugation.
Immunology instrumentation includes flow cytometry; instrumentation used to assess the immunophenotype of cell types and specific cell receptor(s), ligand binding, expression of surface and intracellular antigens, signal transduction events such as calcium flux, cell cycle progression based on analysis of DNA and RNA, apoptosis and cell sorting (including single cells).

A selection of shared instrumentation is available to researchers at the Wadsworth Center as well as scientists from neighboring institutes. The core is provides easy access to highly technical instrumentation and highly specialized methods not other wise readily accessible.

Chromatography equipment (HPLCs, UPLC)
Analytical Ultracentrifuge
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
UV/Vis spectroscopy
Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy
Dynamic Light Scattering
Surface Plasmon Resonance
FACScan Calibur Flow Cytometer
Aria II Cell Sorter

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of Wadsworth Center -- New York State Department of Health

Consulting is offerred outside of Wadsworth Center -- New York State Department of Health