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Viral Vector Core (VVC) Facility (Miami Project to Cure Paralysis) (Viral Vector)

University of Miami

1095 NW14th Ter., Lois Pope LIFE Center Building Room 4-26A

Univ. of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Miami, FL 33136

United States of America

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Primary Contacts:

Stephanie Testa

Stephanie Testa

Last Updated: 05/01/2024

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Facility Details

The VVC produces high-titer lentiviral and AAV viral particles at lower prices compared to commercial sources. Furthermore, using the VVC will likely provide a significant cost savings versus an individual lab trying to produce the viral particles on its own (consider the costs of reagent, labor, time, and troubleshooting).

The VVC has stock viruses (e.g., GFP-, mCherry-, and LacZ-expressing lentiviral and AAV particles) that can be purchased inexpensively by the vial. For generating custom viral particles, the investigator provides the VVC with a high-quality maxiprep of the transfer plasmid to be packaged into the viral particle of choice. Turn-around time is about 2 weeks for lentivirus and AAV viral particles.

Facility Policies

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