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Clinical Chemistry, Biomarkers and Immunoassay Laboratory

University of Miami

1450 NW 10th Ave

Miami, FL 33136

United States of America


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Primary Contact:

Armando J Mendez

Last Updated: 04/01/2016

Facility Details

The The Clinical Chemistry Laboratory was established in 1986 by Dr. Ronald B. Goldberg, and is currently co-directed by Drs. Goldberg and Armando J. Mendez, who joined the lab in 1997. Espy Perez serves as the laboratory supervisor and oversees the activities of the laboratory staff. Laboratory personnel have extensive experience with chemistry, special chemistry, radioimmunoassay, nephelometric and ELISA methods utilizing automated and manual procedures. The laboratory is licensed by the State of Florida and has Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) certification. The laboratory follows guidelines established by CLIA for quality control and proficiency testing to ensure reliable, dependable and meaningful results. The lab has continuously provided service for the clinical and research activities of the DRI since its inception, and more recently, has provided testing services for federal, foundation and corporate funded research projects.
The mission of the core is:
-To coordinate proper pre-analytical sample collection and processing procedures with project leaders.
-To perform biochemical assays on samples submitted to the laboratory by investigators in a manner that assures strict quality control both within and between assay runs.
-To report results to project staff in a timely fashion.
-To make available the expertise and technical assistance of the Core for establishing and validating new methodologies to support UM investigators as needs dictate.

Facility Policies

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