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UC Davis Immune Modeling, Analysis and Diagnostics Shared Resource

University of California, Davis

Institute for Regenerative Cures - 2921 Stockton Blvd suite 1630

Sacramento, CA 95817


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Primary Contact:

Emanual Maverakis

Last Updated: 05/19/2023

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The Immune Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnostics Shared Resource, or IMADSR, is a CLIA-certified laboratory established to provide scientific support to investigators conducting clinical studies in humans, preclinical studies in animals and/or studies in veterinary medicine. It is well suited to conduct the immunology-based assays needed to monitor patients in clinical immunotherapy trials, but the IMADSR also offers a variety of different molecular and cellular assays for investigators in different fields, including custom assays designed to meet specific needs. Investigators at any of the University of California campuses, as well as outside investigators in industry and academia, are encouraged to contact the shared resource for research support.

Immune Monitoring, Analysis and Diagnostics Shared Resource is part of UC Davis Health Comprehensive Cancer Center.