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UC Davis Combinatorial Chemistry & Chemical Biology Shared Resource

University of California, Davis

Research I, 2nd Floor, 4635 2nd Ave

Sacramento, CA 95817


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Primary Contact:

Kit Lam

Last Updated: 05/19/2023

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The Combinatorial Chemistry and Chemical Biology Shared Resource, or CCCBSR, provides a high throughput screening platform for users to discover unique chemical probes against biological targets using various one-bead one-compound and one-bead two-compound combinatorial libraries. The CCCBSR interacts closely with resource users on optimization of the lead compounds via focused libraries and standard medicinal chemistry techniques. In addition, the CCCBSR provides custom synthesis of telodendrimer-based micellar nanoparticle platform for efficient drug delivery.

Combinatorial Chemistry and Chemical Biology Shared Resource is part of UC Davis Health Comprehensive Cancer Center.