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MMRRC - Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Centers (Biorepository)

University of California, Davis

2795 Second St.

Suite 400

Davis, CA 95618

United States

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Primary Contact:

Renee Araiza

Last Updated: 01/30/2024

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The Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Centers (MMRRC) function as a dynamic network of research hubs, offering comprehensive resources and assistance for scientists employing mice in their research. Established by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the MMRRC's primary mission is to serve as a centralized hub for the production, distribution, and detailed analysis of mutant mouse strains. Across various locations in the United States, the MMRRC presents an array of services that bolster research, including:

Advanced Mouse Colony Management: The MMRRC manages an extensive mouse colony for research applications. They provide sophisticated breeding, genotyping, and cryopreservation services, crucial for creating and sustaining mice with specific genetic traits or alterations.

Cutting-edge Molecular Biology and Genomics: The centers have advanced molecular biology and genomics research facilities. These include high-throughput DNA sequencing, microarray analysis, and comprehensive gene expression profiling.

Exemplary Animal Care and Ethical Standards: The MMRRC's facilities are designed to surpass regulatory benchmarks for ethical and humane animal care in research settings. They feature specialized environments for housing, handling, and nurturing the mice, supported by a team of professionals trained in optimal animal care and welfare.

Comprehensive Training and Educational Programs: The MMRRC actively contributes to the growth of students and researchers in mouse biology through various educational initiatives. These encompass hands-on workshops, seminars, and courses on mouse genetics, breeding strategies, and research methodologies.

In essence, the Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Centers are indispensable pillars for the scientific community, facilitating research utilizing mice to explore a broad spectrum of biological inquiries.

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