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OHSU Transgenic Mouse Models

Oregon Health and Science University

United States of America

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Lev Fedorov

Last Updated: 09/13/2022

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Transgenic Mouse Models Core laboratory (TMM) is a structural unit of the OHSU Shared Resource Program and is supported by this program and the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU. The Transgenic Core was established within OHSU in 1994 in response to a growing interest and need for this important technology of many scientists and physicians among different faculties of OHSU. There has been exponential growth of transgenic mouse projects at OHSU with over two hundred fifty unique transgenic and knockout mouse lines produced during the past 17 years. Moreover, the genetically modified mice generated by OHSU''''s Transgenic Core are successfully used by investigators within the USA and other countries. Currently the TMM supports 27 grants from NIH and other funding agencies. Service fees include: 1) Purchase of virgin C57BL6/J or B6xDBA-2F1 females (donors of oocytes). 2) Superovulation of the virgin females. 3) Microinjection into 250-300 C57BL/6 or B6xDBA-2 zygotes. 4) Transplantation of the microinjected embryos into pseudopregnant recipient females. 5) Animal housing charges for recipients and their offspring until weaning. 6) The production of 3 guaranteed transgenic founders. TgMM does not guarantee expression of the transgene. Service fees do not include: 1) Animal housing charges for litters after weaning. 2) Ear/tail tissue collection for DNA isolation for genotyping. 3) Health testing of the foster mother. 4) Shipping charges. Additional Services: According to the customers'''' request, TgMM can purchase and use other mouse lines for the generation of genetically modified mice. Moreover, TgMM can tag, collect tail samples, extract DNA and genotype the offspring by PCR. For this purpose the animals can be housed in our colony beyond the usual 3 weeks (weaning age). These additional services will be charged as extra fees, including the extra costs for the cage(s) per diem.