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OHSU Center for Radiochemistry Research

Oregon Health and Science University

United States of America

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Jeanne Link

Last Updated: 09/13/2022

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Provides access to tools for imaging with short lived radionuclides, data analysis and is integrated with campus centers SARIC and nuclear medicine clinic for quantitative imaging of these tracers in vivo that provides spatial and temporal data in order to improve our basic understanding of biochemical pathways, disease processes and help select personalized treatments that enhance clinical care. Highlights of our center include On-campus capacity to develop and produce radiopharmaceuticals to address specific research questions using in-vivo, real-time imaging;PET/CT, SPECT/CT (and soon PET/MRI) imaging capability to quantify organ perfusion, assess metabolic pathways, receptor function and density, and measure pharmacodynamics.Applications are directed toward range of models, ranging from small animals to non-human primates, to humans.