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Center for Pediatric Research Flow Lab

University of Rochester

601 Elmwood Ave, Box 703

MRBX 1-11314

Rochester, NY 14642

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Timothy Bushnell

Last Updated: More than One Year ago

Facility Details

The goal and mission of the Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research flow facility is to develop, validate and implement polychromatic flow cytometric protocols to support and enrich the research programs of CPBR faculty. This flow facility will focus on the development of experimental and unique protocols to breach previously unexplored avenues of experimentation with flow cytometry.

Our current instrumentation includes:

(1) a 3-laser (488, 633 and 355 nm) 12-color LSR-II with high throughput sampler system.

(2) a 3-laser (488, 633 and 405 nm) 13-color FACSAria cell sorter with ACDU system. This system is validated for BSL-2 sorting.

(3)a 3-laser (488, 653 and 405 nm) Amnis Imagestream imaging cytometer with extended depth of focus module.

Training, consulting and collaboration with investigators (internal and external)is available.