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Protein Technology Core

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms


Bellary Road




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Primary Contact:

Taslimarif Saiyed

Last Updated: 01/13/2015

Facility Details

A high level of protein expression and optimal purification is imperative for protein biology research groups in academia as well as industry for broad applications from drug discovery to industrial enzymes. Depending on specific applications, the system chosen for protein expression can be critical for the end point use of the desired protein. All the expression systems available have their strengths and weaknesses concerning yield, proper folding, post-translational modification (PTM), cost, speed and ease of use.
The facility provides assistance in the selection of an optimal recombinant expression system (prokaryotic and eukaryotic), cloning and sub cloning genes of interest into expression vectors, and in optimizing protein expression and purification. The core also assists in the generation of site-directed mutants of the proteins of interest and in scaling up of recombinant protein production. The facility has separate dedicated labs and necessary instrumentation to perform protein expression in bacteria, yeast.

Facility Policies

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