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IIDS Genomics and Bioinformatics Resource Core (Genomics / Genome Analysis and Technologies)

University of Idaho

685 S. Line Street, IRIC 210

Moscow, ID 83843

United States of America

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Last Updated: 05/24/2024

Facility Details

The IIDS Genomics and Bioinformatics Resources Core provides researchers from the University of Idaho access to technology, experience, and expertise in molecular biology methods. The core utilizes advanced technologies from companies such as Illumina, PacBio, Oxford Nanopore, Fluidigm, Sage Biosciences, and Advanced Analytical. Applications of these technologies are commonly used in biomedical research, but the interdisciplinary focus of the University of Idaho results in a wide range of fields that can benefit from the core, including agricultural studies, forest management, and animal science. The Genomics Resources core is also available to researchers that are external to the University of Idaho, which expands our collaborative base.

The core offers expertise in the bioinformatics needed to acquire, analyze, and visualize data generated from high throughput technologies used in genomics research. With approximately $1.8 million in specialized genomic equipment, we offer a wide variety of services and capabilities including next-generation sequencing with Illumina technologies, targeted re-sequencing, and high-throughput sample preparation of both DNA and RNA.

The Genomics and Bioinformatics Resources Core implements an innovative approach to Core Facility management: the Interdisciplinary Triangle of Collaboration. The key to success of the Interdisciplinary Triangle of Collaboration is its holistic approach. Communication between all key personnel (Principal Investigator, Bioinformatician, and Molecular Scientist) occurs from at all stages of the experimental process, starting with study planning, design, and data generation through data interpretation, visualization, and manuscript preparation. The Core provides the specialized technical expertise, extensive experience, and equipment as a part of a productive relationship with the researchers. This uncommon and innovative approach to core facility management allows the IIDS Genomics and Bioinformatics Resources Core to provide customized technical expertise that most single investigators would not have access to.

The IIDS Genomics and Bioinformatics Resources Core specializes in:

Illumina sequencing
Bioinformatics and statistical analysis
PacBio sequencing
Oxford Nanpore sequencing
High-throughput DNA and RNA library preparation
Double-barcoded amplicon sequencing, all types (including microbial communities)

The GBRC also participates in many of the bioinformatic analyses from the projects that come through the core. Previous and current projects have included but are not limited to the following:
De novo genome and transcriptome assembly
RNAseq differential expression analysis
SNP calling
RAD sequence analysis
Dual-barcoded amplicon community analysis
Phylogenetic analysis
CRISPR transformant profiling
Speed congenics
Novel agriculture virus detection and assembly

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of University of Idaho

Consulting is offerred outside of University of Idaho