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VCCBH Core C - Live Imaging and Physiology Core (Bioimaging)

University of Vermont

E017 Given

89 Beaumont Ave.

Burlington, VT 05405

United States of America

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Last Updated: 01/05/2024

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The MIC Live Imaging and Physiology Core is a division of the Microscopy and Imaging Center of the UVM Larner College of Medicine. The Live Imaging and Physiology Core provides a wide range of imaging techniques mainly for live-cell, live-tissue and in-vivo preparations. We maintain a Noran/Prairie Technologies OZ LSCM (laser scanning confocal microscope), a DeltaVision RT restoration microscopy system, a Zeiss LSM 7 MP dedicated multiphoton LSCM, a Nikon TIRF (total-internal reflection fluorescence) system, a Nikon/Yokogawa CSU-W1 spinning disk microscopy system, a Nikon SMZ-1500 fluorescence stereoscope, and an Iconeus functional ultrasound system. Patch-clamp electronics are available for use on most microscope systems, and each system has an integrated perfusion setup. The core can also fabricate small apparatus for experiments with our Formlabs 3D printer.

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