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Epigenomics Core

University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

MSRB II 2568

1150 W. Medical Center Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0674

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Claudia Lalancette

Last Updated: 07/01/2016

Facility Details

The Epigenomics Core provides resources and services to prepare samples for analysis in epigenetic regulation in both genome-wide and locus-specific manners.

The Epigenomics Core provides sample quality control, library preparation and sequencing for the study of cytosine and histone modifications. We offer a wide variety of services in epigenomics and bioinformatics resources, including:
• Genome-wide DNA Methylation Profiling
• Targeted (locus-specific) DNA Methylation
• Histone Modifications by ChIP-Seq
• Hydroxymethylation: Genome-wide and Target Specific

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

Consulting is offerred outside of University of Michigan–Ann Arbor