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Cedars-Sinai's Genomics Core

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

8723 Alden Dr, Rm303

Los Angeles, CA 90048

United States of America

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Last Updated: 02/02/2016

Facility Details

The Genomics Core is focused on gathering genome, epigenome, transcriptome and metagenome information for investigators. Our mission is to make these complex technologies accessible and biologically interpretable for clinical and basic research scientists.

The Genomics Core enables investigators with little experience in sample preparation, quality control, or analysis to interrogate the genome. To facilitate this, we have developed general but complete wetlab and analysis pipelines to accommodate standard needs and enable most genome-wide investigations. For more sophisticated or custom designs, we work actively in collaboration with other Cedars-Sinai cores and resources to facilitate investigations.

The Genomics Core now offers new applications for microbiome profiling, RNA sequencing for transcriptome analyses, and targeted resequencing with rapid turnaround times using an Illumina NextSeq500, Illumina MiSeq, and an Ion Proton Sequencer. These sequencers deliver better, faster and less expensive data than current next-generation sequencing machines.

Facility Policies

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