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PHHL - Precision Human Health Laboratory (Clinical (Services, Research, Trials, Grade Production))

University of Alberta

8440 112st NW

Edmonton, AB T6G2R3


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Last Updated: 01/15/2024

Facility Details

The Precision Human Health Laboratory (PHHL) is a specialized collaborative research facility at the University of Alberta, Canada. Our group adopts a multidisciplinary approach to advance the understanding of the three aims. Aim 1. Understand the mechanism(s) of vascular dysfunction in chronic disease
Aim 2. Identify how vascular dysfunction contributes to exercise intolerance
Aim 3. Evaluate how exercise training improves vascular dysfunction and exercise intolerance using innovative clinical trial designs.
These common aims will be examined by the principal investigators across three patient groups (respiratory, cancer, chronic kidney disease).

Dr. M. Stickland is a Professor of Medicine with expertise in cardiopulmonary physiology and exercise. His research program includes examining: 1. Cardiovascular complications of respiratory disease, 2. Vascular regulation, 3. Dyspnea and exercise intolerance in cardiopulmonary disease, 4. Pulmonary rehabilitation and disease management.

Dr. Pituskin is an Associate Professor, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair, and a pioneer in cardio-oncology. Her research program demonstrates sequential development of high-priority knowledge aiming to better understand and holistically address the multifactorial interplay of individual physiology, treatment-related physiologic impacts, informative biomarkers and patient experience.

Dr. Thompson is an Assistant Professor and Nephrologist with a developing research program using exercise as therapeutic strategy for the prevention of adverse CV outcomes in people with CKD. She is an early career investigator and obtained CIHR funding to examine the effect of exercise on hypertension and CV risk in CKD.

The PHHL builds on Dr. Stickland’s highly successful 2013 CFI grant (#30732) which enabled several CIHR and NSERC grants, >50 publications from Dr. Stickland’s team and >15 publications from Drs. Pituskin, Thompson, and collaborators

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