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CARF Proteomics and Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry

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Last Updated: 06/26/2018

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Our laboratory houses an array of cutting-edge liquid chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry instrumentation. This equipment enables selective identification and reproducible quantification of trace-level biomolecules in complex samples. In particular, we offer label-free protein quantitation using SWATH-MS approach as a complete service that includes sample preparation, data acquisition and data analysis.

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Quantitative proteomics package (per batch):
This service package is for label-free quantitative profiling of proteins in 6 to 12 samples using data-independent acquisition (SWATH-MS). It includes sample preparation, data acquisition, data processing and statistical analysis. The Client will be provided with the list of proteins that showed statistically significant fold change, proteins that showed no change, a volcano plot of a publishable quality, and the minimum information on the method used for publication purposes. Raw (unprocessed) data can also be provided on request. Additional information about this service can be found on our website.

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Services are offerred outside of Queensland University of Technology

Consulting is offerred outside of Queensland University of Technology