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Compounds Australia - Griffith University (Biodiscovery)

Griffith University

Griffith Institute of Drug Discovery

Don Young Road, Nathan



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Primary Contact:

Nyssa Drinkwater

Last Updated: 10/13/2023

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Facility Details

Compounds Australia is a dedicated compound management and logistics facility. Through specialist infrastructure and expertise, we enable health researchers worldwide to outsource their sample logistics so that they can focus on research and results.

Through a cost-effective, fee-for-service model, Compounds Australia securely stores and curates a suite of compound libraries (>1.5 million compounds), which are provided to researchers in flexible, assay-ready formats.

We offer:
- Access to curated compound libraries and specialised compound collections.
- Secure sample storage and management. Collections can be made available to other researchers, or remain closed, accessible only to the depositor (and their collaborators).
- Flexible and automated sample processing to prepare assay-ready plates in flexible formats.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of Griffith University

Consulting is offerred outside of Griffith University