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Molecular Genomics Core (Genomics / Genome Analysis and Technologies)

Duke University

300 N. Duke St.

Durham, NC 27701

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Karen Abramson

Last Updated: 07/13/2023

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The MGC staff offer decades of experience with genetic, genomic and epigenetic study design and technology. We specialize in working closely with our researchers, customizing experiments to meet their needs, and we are dedicated to optimizing experimental conditions to produce the highest quality data.

Our services include the following: 10x Genomics single-cell gene expression, immune profiling, and ATACseq, 10x Genomics Visium spatial transcriptomics, 10x Genomics Xenium in situ sequencing, Akoya Phenocycler for spatial phenotyping, Illumina microarrays for SNP genotyping and DNA methylation profiling, and Quanterix HD-X Simoa® bead-based immunoassays.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of Duke University

Consulting is offerred outside of Duke University