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Great Lakes Genomics Center

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

School of Freshwater Sciences

600 E Greenfield Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53204

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Angie Schmoldt

Last Updated: 10/01/2015

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Facility Details

The Great Lakes Genomics Center exists to support researchers developing and using genomic data for ecology and environmental health. We do this by providing sequencing and gene expression technologies and service for ecology, environment and human health researchers, as well as a support system for analysis and discussion of issues surrounding the use of genomic technologies for environmental health. We also service the larger scientific community with sequencing and transcriptome analysis needs.

We are a small facility that focuses on applying genomic techniques to environmental and ecological research. We provide access to instruments and training needed for genomic research as well as sequencing and bioinformatics services. Our facility contains an Illumina MiSeq, 3730 Sanger Sequencer, RT-PCR machines, and a BioTek Synergy H4 multi-mode plate reader. Available bioinformatics software includes CLC-Genomics Workbench and DNAStar, and we have access to state of the art computational resources both in lab and on the main UW – Milwaukee campus.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Consulting is offerred outside of University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee