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Biological NanoStructures Laboratory

Elings Hall, room 3214

California NanoSystems Institute

Santa Barbara, CA 93106

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Jen Smith

Last Updated: 05/01/2024

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Facility Details

Multi-purpose core research facility with three sub-cores. Genetics, Analytical, and Cell Culture Cores.

Genetics Core: Provides Next Generation Sequencing capabilities, DNA/RNA and protein quantitation, nucleic acid QC, Real-Time PCR, and Droplet Digital PCR.

Analytical Core: Houses a variety of analytical instruments such as UV-Vis, nanoparticle analyzers and plate readers. Some basic molecular biology equipment are also available.

Cell Culture Core: Resource for researchers who need access to BSL1/BSL2 cell culture facility. Also includes autoclaves or labware sterilization and biohazardous waste disposal.

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