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Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory

PO Box 35, Old Bar Harbor Rd.

Salisbury Cove, ME 04672

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Ben King

Last Updated: 02/05/2015

Facility Details

The MDI Biological Laboratory (MDIBL) Bioinformatics Core works highly collaboratively with faculty to provide essential data management, computational infrastructure and analysis services to advance research programs. The Core uses state-of-the-art analysis workflows and incorporates new analysis tools as they become available. Core staff have specialized expertise in the analysis of microRNAs and high-throughput sequence data. Computational infrastructure includes a 48-core Linux cluster that hosts high-throughput sequence data analysis software, two large memory analysis servers that host the CLCBio Genomics Workbench software and a Decypher FPGA co-processor board that have >100TB of usable storage housed in the MDIBL Data Center. The Core provides access to commercial analysis software and resources, such as Sequencher and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis. In addition to these services, the Core is constructing a database resource for faculty to provide a systems-level view of regenerative biology and stem cell self-renewal. The Comparative Models of Regeneration Database (RegenDB) integrates faculty-generated gene function data with published studies selected by faculty from a number of comparative models. In summary, the Core provides computational infrastructure and expertise in bioinformatic analysis that faculty need to accomplish their research goals.

Facility Policies

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