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DNA Microarray Facility

Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Pfotenhauerstr. 108




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Primary Contact:

Julia Jarrells

Last Updated: 03/02/2012

Facility Details

The Microarray Facility currently provides service for three different commercially available DNA microarray platforms: Agilent, Affymetrix and NimbleGen. The Agilent hybridization oven and microarray confocal laser scanner set-up of the Microarray Facility allows for analysis of other 1x3” glass slide array platforms, also. Such platforms include but are not limited to, GE Healthcare, Illumina, or custom printed arrays. Any type of microarray, e.g. protein, peptide, antibody, lipid, glycan, etc. can be processed in the Microarray Facility.

We have expertise in designing custom microarrays, for example DNA Microarrays with the Agilent database eArray. We offer full service of microarray experiments including sample quality control, experimental design, execution of the experiments, data analysis and data storage. For the validation of DNA microarray results, we are equipped and experienced with qPCR analysis.


Gene expression analysis (1 color and 2 color)
ChIP-on-chip analysis
Array-based comparative genomic hybridization
miRNA expression analysis
Array-based and solution-based targeted
enrichment for Next Generation Sequencing
Any type of array processing, e.g. protein,
peptide, antibody, lipid, glycan, etc.
Validation of DNA microarray results with qPCR
Custom array design, e.g. with eArray tool


Comprehensive microarray proficiency
Professional support, teaching, and training
High throughput screening and large-scale data
Experimental design and assay development
Design and analysis of custom microarrays, such
as DNA, protein, peptide, antibody, lipid, glycan


Agilent microarray confocal laser scanner
Agilent hybridization oven
Agilent Bioanalyzer
NimbleGen hybridization system 4
Stratagene Mx 3000 P qPCR machines
Large-scale data analysis platform: GeneSpring

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics