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UResearch Animal Facility

38 Street Road Mohamed Ali Fahmy Nazlat El Batran Al-Haram , Giza, Egypt




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UResearch Animal Facility

Last Updated: 01/12/2023

Facility Details

We are a group of experts committed to promote humane animal care and use through compliance with national and international guidelines regulations and standards. Our primary concern is the welfare of the animals. We are committed to providing researchers with veterinary and personnel training and expertise in laboratory animal science. We strive to ensuring that research animals experience proper care and handling with minimal discomfort or pain and live in an enriched environment during implementation of scientific protocols. URAF advises and educates researchers on animal testing issues and provides guidance and review in the protocol writing process, while promoting contemporary best practices for the responsible use of animals. Our goal is to provide quality animal care which is key to obtaining consistent and reliable data.

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