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Genomics Core Facility (Sequencing)

University of Warsaw

Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, Banacha 2c




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Primary Contact:

Dorota Adamska

Last Updated: 09/20/2022

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Facility Details

Genomics Core Facility is a highly specialized laboratory dedicated to analysis of RNA and DNA sequence, structure and interactions in biological and biochemical processes.

We specialize in Genomics and its all related disciplines, such as Metagenomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, Interactomics, Oncogenomics, Structural Genomics and many other dynamically developing fields.

Our lab is equipped with the most up-to-date infrastructure, including NovaSeq 6000, NextSeq 500 and MiSeq next generation sequencing systems and a wide spectrum of highly specialized instruments for fractionation, quality and quantity assessment.

You can come to us at any stage of your experiment! Our services include consultation and assistance by experienced personnel. We perform preparation of libraries from DNA (WGS, WES, Amp-seq, ATAC-Seq, ChIP-seq etc.) and RNA(different fractions: mRNA-seq ,3’ mRNA-seq, total RNA-seq, miRNA-seq, RIP-seq etc.), sequencing of custom libraries and we can conduct bioinformatic analysis of your data.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of University of Warsaw

Consulting is offerred outside of University of Warsaw