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Analytical Resources Core (Major Instrumentation)

Colorado State University

200 W. Lake St

1872 Campus Delivery

Fort Collins, CO 80523

United States of America

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Karolien Denef

Last Updated: 08/04/2022

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The Analytical Resources Core (ARC) is an Institutional Core in the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) at CSU. It is comprised of three centers: Materials and Molecular Analysis, Imaging and Surface Science, and Bioanalysis and Omics. The mission of the ARC is to provide instrument capabilities and expertise that exceeds the normal resources on individual research programs, and to make those technologies available as a shared resource. We strive to provide an environment that is rich in expertise and educational resources and to foster collaboration across the CSU community and beyond. The ARC Centers are:
• The Materials and Molecular Analysis Center (ARC-MMA), an open-access research and training facility that specializes in the spectroscopic (optical, NMR, EPR), mass spectrometry, X-ray and materials (magnetic, thermal, physical) characterization of synthetic, environmental and biological materials, both at the bulk and molecular scales.
• The Bioanalysis and Omics Center (ARC-BIO) provides analysis of complex biological samples using modern mass spectrometry based metabolomics and proteomics approaches, including supporting informatics.
• The Imaging and Surface Science Center (ARC-ISS) provides analysis of complex biological and inorganic samples using near- and far-field imaging methods, spectroscopy, and other surface analyses.

Facility Policies

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