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Molecular & Cellular Immunology Core Facility (Flow Cytometry)

University of Hawaii at Manoa

John A. Burns School of Medicine

651 Ilalo Street, BSB 330

Honolulu, HI 96813

United States

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Primary Contact:

Alexandra Gurary

Last Updated: 07/13/2023

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Facility Details

As the sole resource for flow cytometry, cell sorting and state-of-the-art immunological services in the western-most IDeA state, the Molecular and Cellular Immunology Core, through COBRE support, has accelerated research productivity, in terms of publications and extramural funding. Emphasis has also been applied to developing new or customized immunological methods for COBRE Investigators and other Core users. In addition, regularly scheduled training sessions are held to enrich the educational and mentoring experience for COBRE Investigators and other faculty and students across the university and broader research community. By centralizing immunological services and resources to this Core, COBRE Investigators and other researchers will be more efficiently served and the use of expensive equipment will be maximized.

Core Services:

Flow Cytometry: Analysis and Sorting
Cell Counting, Size, and Viability
Multiplex Bead Assays: Luminex and CBA Platforms for DNA, Protein, and Antibodies Assays
Immunospot Plate Reading: ELISpot and FRNT
Cell Irradiation

Flow Cytometry Assays:
Cell Phenotyping
Cell Cycle with Live or Fixed Cells
Calcium Flux
Intracellular Cytokine and Protein Detection
Fluorescent Protein Expression
Cell Population Isolation
Single Cell Sorting
Dye Dilution Assays
Training opportunities

Experienced staff will provide hands-on training to investigators in conducting IBC/IACUC/CHS approved MCI research protocols. Please refer to MCI training document to help you get started on the process for obtaining clearance to work in the JABSOM Molecular and Cellular Immunology Core Facility.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of University of Hawaii at Manoa

Consulting is offerred outside of University of Hawaii at Manoa