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University Imaging Centers (Imaging (Cell, Molecular, PET, Translational))

University of Minnesota

321 Church St. SE

1-151 Jackson Hall

Minneapolis, MN 55455

United States of America

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Mark Sanders

Last Updated: 05/01/2024

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The University Imaging Centers (UIC) compose a network of core imaging facility locations for in vov imaging, advanced optical imaging, tissue clearing, basic electron microscopy located within the Medical School (1-151 Jackson Hall, Minneapolis & 1-220 Cancer and Cardiovascular Research Building) and College of Biological Sciences (23 Snyder Hall, St. Paul) on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus.

The UIC cores serve internal and external research clients in the design of imaging experiments, choice of and training on suitable imaging systems, and subsequent image processing, visualization and analysis. The UIC provides more than three dozen advanced imaging systems including: macro spectral confocal microscopy; wide-field light and fluorescence microscopy; spinning disk confocal; four (4) laser-scanning confocal microscopes; multi-photon/Second Harmonic Generation microscopes; total internal reflectance microscope (TIRF); laser capture micro-dissection; live cell imaging systems; serial block face scanning and transmission electron microscopy; whole animal fluorescence, bioluminescence and chemiluminescence imagers; gel, print and film scanners; poster printers; full sample preparation capabilities; along with 4 full-time and 4 part-time experienced staff members.

UIC is expanding aggressively in spatialomics (Nanostring, 10X, Ionpath) and remains a Nikon Center of Excellence.

Facility Policies

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Consulting is offerred outside of University of Minnesota