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Clemson Light Imaging Facility (Microscopy (Electron, Fluorescence, Optical))

Clemson University

190 Collings Street

Life Sciences Facility Room G024/G030

Clemson, SC 29634

United States of America

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Primary Contact:

Rhonda Powell

Last Updated: 02/23/2021

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Facility Details

We are a core light microscopy facility located on the main campus of Clemson University. We offer access to multiple Leica Microsystems instruments, including a SP8X LIGHTNING confocal with STED, a SPE confocal, a DMi8 widefield/TIRF/GSD system, a THUNDER model organism imager, a LMD6500, a M125 stereoscope, and a DM750P polarized light microscope. We also house an Olympus LEXT OLS4100 optical profiler, a GE InCell 2500HS high content screener, and a Biorad S3e cell sorter. Our professional imaging scientists offer assistance with equipment selection, image analysis, and sample preparation. We offer prepared slides for 4 color fluorescence imaging and can also prepare custom slides to best match our clients' imaging systems.

Facility Policies

Services are offerred outside of Clemson University

Consulting is offerred outside of Clemson University