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LIC - Life Imaging Center

University of Freiburg

University Freiburg Life Imaging Center

Habsburgerstr. 49




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Primary Contact:

Roland Nitschke

Last Updated: 04/19/2023

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The Life Imaging Center (LIC) is a central core facility of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg open to members of all Faculties and the Universitätsklinikum. Currently more than 280 active users from six Faculties (Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Environment and Natural Resources, Mathematics and Physics, and Engineering) use the LIC infrastructure. LIC users come from more than 90 workgroups and the combined usage time of the LIC microscopes in 2017 was about 10.350 hours. The LIC has approximately 60 - 80 new users per year and approximately the same number leaving the facility each year.
The Life Imaging Center (LIC) consists of 14 rooms in the Center for Integrative Signalling Analysis (CISA) with approximately 400 m² (9 microscopy rooms with 20 microscope set-ups (3D-STED, confocal FLIM, two 2-photon confocal microscopes, 4 conventional confocal microscopes, lightsheet microscope, 4 high-end widefield ratio-imaging set-ups, 4 fluorescence stereo microscopes, 3 special set-ups for screening). The LIC microscopes are hosted in Biosafety level S2 and S1 environments, connected to a large wet lab area and a cell culture room, both Biosafety level S2 classified. Additionally, the LIC offers a large computer lab with 12 high-end workstations for image processing and analysis. The LIC also covers two additional rooms (35 m²), hosting 3 LSM systems in a neighboring building of the Signalling Campus Freiburg (SCF).

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