April 2023 News

ABRF Annual Conference

While there are currently no CoreMarketplace sessions scheduled at this conference, I plan on holding open salon sessions during the lunch breaks. Once you grab your lunch, find the table with the CoreMarketplace sign.

UPDATE: I'll be holding these sessions from 11-12 at ABRF since seating is tight during lunch. Find me at one of the tables behind the vendor hall.

Topics of conversation are wide open. You can ask me questions, suggest improvements, schedule a CoreMarketplace Zoom presentation with your institution's facility managers, or just have a chat. I'll plan on holding these open Salons during lunch on Monday-Wednesday.

New Features

We've included Citation Identifiers in the CM. A Citation Identifier allows you to add any identifier to your citation string. RRIDs are added to your citation string by default. If you wanted to add a grant number as well, you would enter your grant number as a Citation Identifier. Then when you click on the "Cite This Facility" orange button on your profile, you will see both your RRID and your Grant Number included in the citation string. Click here for more information.